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Learn COMEDY Online.
Be FUNNY On Purpose.

Discover the proven techniques of comedy writing & performing and become the funniest version of YOU!

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I’m Londale Theus Jr, actor, comedian, comedy coach, and founder of You Got

Jokes Academy. You’re already FUNNY. But If you're struggling to express your comedic voice, I got you!


I guide creative people to become the funniest version of themselves through a comedy training program that takes the mystery out of comedy.


Go from a fan of comedy, to a creator of comedy. From a good comedian, to a killer comedian. The world needs laughter, and You Got Jokes!

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My comedy work as seen on...

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Get better at Stand Up Comedy. Sketch. Improv. Acting. Writing. And MORE! Learn the essential techniques to crack the code on comedy with the following tools. 

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Learn a variety of joke structures and comedy writing techniques with interactive, fillable e-books. Write your own material in the e-book with each exercise! 

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Book a virtual Coaching Session with comedy coach Londale Theus Jr for personal guidance & training. Improv. Audition technique. Stand Up & more!

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Book a spot at our virtual You Got Jokes Open Mic to perform and test out your stand up comedy material.

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Attend virtual workshops with comedy coach Londale Theus Jr including Think Like A Comedian! A Comedy Acting Workshop, Stand Up Comedy Masterclass & more!

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Join our Online Group You Got Jokes Writing Lab to test out your comedy material and get feedback as well as post discussions on the craft of comedy writing.

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Check out the You Got Jokes Blog to get inspiration, insight, tips, techniques & more as I break down all things comedy.

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Enroll in online courses filled with in depth video instruction, worksheets, etc. Learn the 8 step joke writing system of the W.H.O. Joke Pyramid & more!

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Follow on Social Media & Subscribe on YouTube for entertaining and educational tutorials on comedy writing and performing.

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