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Comedy Writing Masterclass Workbook Vol. 1 is an interactive, fillable e-book with over 40 exercises for you to write down and save your comedy material using the step by step, repeatable comedy writing system, The W.H.O. Joke Pyramid.


This 8-Step Joke Writing system will take you from "no Ideas" to creating over 30 types of jokes
from a single idea
. No matter what stage your joke is at, there's a level of the Joke Pyramid that will help you make it better, funnier, and more fulfilling. You'll learn:


  • Basics of building your authentic comedic voice and persona
  • How to turn any idea into a comedic premise
  • The 4 primary joke structures that all jokes use
  • 5 of the most popular joke structures used by the top comedians
  • An Appendix of over 40 jokes - quoted from the best and diverse comedians in the game so you can see the structures at work
  • Techniques on how to develop several jokes from a single idea
  • Visual Diagrams of every joke structure and technique

Comedy Writing Masterclass Workbook Vol. 1

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